Camping ultimate list tips

1. Camping invest in a decent cool box

The average cool box will keep food cool for just a few hours. (8 hours if you’re lucky) So if you’re going camping for more than a day or two. You’ll want to invest in a decent passive cooler. Some of which will keep ice for 5 days without the need for any power.

Camping with an electric hookup

If you are camping with an electric hookup. Then an electric cool box makes a good investment, but for those camping without an EHU we recommend Coleman Xtreme Coolers.


2. Don’t forget cooking utensils

It’s easy to forget things like wooden spoons, spatulas, scissors, bottle/can opener, serving spoon and tongs. So pack a kitchen utensils box to take with you and it can also help to plan your meals in advance (see point.7 below).

3. Take food bags, foil & plastic storage containers

Camping food bags

If you are planning on cooking proper food from scratch. You’ll be taking fresh ingredients with you and you might not use all of them in one go. Make sure you have things like food bags and plastic storage containers so you can store open packets and half-used ingredients.

camping bag

4. Take extra fuel for cooking

Whether you plan to cook on an open campfire or on a gas camp stove. Make sure you take extra fuel. The most common type of camp stove for family campers uses butane gas canisters, so make sure you have ample – you might get through more than you think and not every campsite has a camp shop.

5. Freeze food and drink before putting it in the cool box

To extend the life of your cool box. Freeze as much as you can before you pack it, and if you can’t freeze an item, at least make sure it is chilled, rather than at room temperature before you place it in the cooler. Remember too that the fuller your cool box is, the more effectively it will keep the contents cool.

camping tips

6. Take something to light fires with

If you are staying at a campsite that allows barbecues or campfires, make sure you take something to light the fire with, matches and a lighter are always handy to keep packed inside a camping essentials box. Find some great tips on making a fire.

7. Plan meals in advance

Don’t leave your meals to chance, especially if you are on a family camping trip. Planning meals for each day means you’ll know exactly what groceries you need to take with you and it will also dictate what cooking equipment you’ll need to take, for example a wok, drainer, fish slice etc.

camping lihgt bag

Prepare food in advance

8. Prep food at home before you get to the campsite

Camping prepping food at home makes cooking at the campsite much easier. Doing things like chopping onions and preparing vegetables is much easier at home in the comfort of your kitchen so get a head start at home, then you can store your prepped ingredients in food bags or storage boxes to make cooking at the campsite a doddle.

camping tent

9. Take plenty of snacks

As well as planning your meals in advance, also make sure you take plenty of snacks, crisps, nuts, and fruit are ideal if you or the kids get an attack of the munchies and you’re camped far away from the nearest shop.

camping snack

10. Use spray oil for cooking

When it comes to campsite cooking, a small bottle of spray oil is much more convenient for cooking than taking a huge bottle from home or decanting it into something smaller

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